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So part of my christmas gift from my mom was a note that said "IOU one Supernatural shirt" because she wanted to get one for me, but didn't want to get the wrong thing. Then money got iffy so she couldn't get it until now, but I was feeling guilty about getting a shirt that will end up being 30 dollars while I still need her to pay for my little Widget getting her lady parts closed for business. So I said something to her a weekish ago about that, if she wanted me to wait on the shirt until after Widget is 'fixed'. She said she had enough money for both so it was up to me.

Then a few days ago when I realized my LJ paid time was expiring soon I asked if I could give her the money to do it and she could pay with her credit card, but she said she wouldn't have room for even that (7 dollars) on her card.

Then today she was asking me if I'd decided about the shirt. I said I couldn't decide, but since she had money for both we might as well do both. Then she said she could only do one and I was all wut.

Then we realized that she was talking about renewing two months of my paid time vs the shirt, and I was talking about getting widget fixed vs the shirt o.O

anyhoo so now i have paid time until the day of my birthday (neat huh) and maybe we'll get the shirt next month :o

its not like I go out anyway.... hard to be an SPN geek out in public in you're only out twice a month.

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