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I had the wierdest god damn dreams last night. I sincerely doubt anyone will read/understand any of this but wtfever it's livejournal.

anyhoo so

the first was this bizarre drawn out thing involving Justin's old roommate and a bunch of miscellaneous people...and me staying with them with the three cats. I was uncomfortable and they didn't really need me there. My aunt had a room/apartment/dorm/idk something connected by a hallway, and she had plenty of room, but she wouldn't let me stay with her instead.

So I figured I needed to get me and the cats home, or wherever it was I was supposed to be, because they kept escaping and stuff...and my god damn aunt still wouldn't help me out, and there was another resident of the room/apartment/dorm/idk who was getting pissed at all the noise and kept saying she was going to file a complaint with the landlord.

anyway...some guy was going to help me move them back to where I was supposed to be, but he would only do it if he could turn them into a robot for the moving process(huh?) so we were doing that, and I guess it didn't work or something because the cats got out or whatever and jumped out of the car, and we couldn't get to them right away because he had to drive around one of those traffic island-lane separated-wtfever things. So we got the cats...and then things got all fuzzy.

Then it was me winning a contest for writing some sort of touching piece of writing for a girl named Ellie. But I didn't realize it at brother handed me a card, inside was a photo of Jared Padalecki doing the hug motion and a thank you note, but then he was actually there, and I was all OMGGG!! and freaking out. I was winning all kinds of random stuff. A huge variety of poorly made shoes from some country near Sweden(idk), a bunch of some chocolate from some really good company, and then I got to choose some posters from SPN. I was like "any of the ones with Misha on them" ...and then at some point Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris were there too... I think there were video games involved...I'm not sure whatever it was Dream Me had a good times.

Unfortunately my dreams didn't end there. :|

There was some confusing thing in between with Ryan and someone I was friends with when I was 18... I was trying to get away from someone that wanted to hurt/rape/kill me(it seemed to change)... it kept being different situations and people. at one point it was Zach... but I got away just in time on a bus that my mom was driving(idk) ...and idk what the fuck was going on but it more or less ended with me going back to Zach and I guess we were pretending whatever tense thing was happening earlier in the dream never happened.

The last dream was some strange complicated story about several children, lycanthropy, a very old house, nightfall, rain, and most of the kids end up killing eachother. Not out of malice, but because some of them were too taken over my the werewolf thing to control themselves, and they killed at least one, and then those that shifted that WERE in control had to kill to protect the ones that didn't change at all. It ended with the last two about to take refuge in a cellar for the rest of the night until it was safe again.

somewhere in one of those dreams was a baby that died very shortly after birth. im not sure where in there that happened. it was really fucking sad though. I'm not sure if it was my baby...

ok well

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