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ok I doubt this will be has LOOOOL to anyone else, but I'm still posting it. so in wow when I get bored I'll run past people and do random emotes. there's stuff like /sniff, /lick, /slap, etc.

Someone was asking in the public chat about something, and right after they asked I saw them so I did the /lick

Rakash(in public chat) - anybody know where you can buy eggs?
Me(in public chat) - Just the AH((auction house)), bb
Me - (randomly runs by him, and another person /lick to him)
Rakash(to me) - BB?
Me(to Rakash) - oh sorry, 'baby' .... it's a chick thing XD
Lihana(to me) - please leave my HUSBAND alone
Rakash(to me) - I don't get it.
Me(to Lihana) - ne? (I meant it as in "what"?)
Me(to Rakash) - oh online girls always say it to eachother @_o;;
Lihana(to me) - (assuming I spelled me as ne I guess) yes you...Rakash and I are married...and not just in the world of warcraft
Rakash(to me) - you thought I was a chick?
Me(to Rakash) - D: well no, I'm just used to saying it.

and then I told him where to find eggs.

anyway yeah I thought it was funny as fuck and I can't stop laughing about it. especially the way she capitalized HUSBAND.

i seriously

i can't.

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