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I had a Supernatural dream... It was like an episode with its own plot and such. It was really scary and intense, but only because it was ME. Like it was a made up episode that was happening to me. There was a zombie epidemic very slowly growing. (I was watching Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid like RIGHT before I went to sleep.) It was one of those "government mistake" kind of zombie things, not "the dead have risen!" zombie things. So Sam and Dean are hurrying away, and suddenly Sam isn't really part of the story and Dean and I are seeking refuge and some shitty motel. Which is then actually a great hotel, Hammer of the Gods style. So Sam, Dean and I and maybe more random characters are arguing about what to do and no one is listening to me. I get more and more frustrated, and then I realize they can't hear or see me. Then I go "FEAR!! IT'S FEAR!!" (some part of me is obviously remembering the Fear Itself episode of Buffy)

At some point I stop thinking I'm having some sort of fear coming true and realize I'm actually a ghost.

I feel like some of this is out of order, but it turned out through some sort of confusing process this hindu couple (idk why) did something to make me into a ghost, while my body was passed out somewhere. I only had a certain amount of time before they were going to destroy my body and trap me as a ghost. I have no idea why they couldn't do it right away, or why exactly they did it in the first place.

So I keep trying to get Sam and Dean's attention, and nothing is working, but for some reason I can write on a pad of paper. And basically Dean and I have a conversation in writing. He doesn't tell Sam or anyone else that he knows what happened to me and I have no idea why. Our conversation is basically me first letting him know that I'm a ghost and then for some reason we're going on about how his heart is all broken and something about him one day loving me (lolwut)... and it starts to bother me that he hasn't told Sam, like he's somehow being selfish with the information and doesn't want to share. idk. But I decide to fuck with Sam and like blow on him and stuff and he's like "can you feel any cold spots?" Then he realizes he's dealing with a ghost, and since Dean hasn't said anything, before he can react Sam is attacking me with fire (...idk why fire is supposed to be a problem) then the damn dream gets all fuzzy for a bit

and the next thing I know I'm trying to escape that evil couple (the post hotel is now some sort of small-ish apartment complex. idk) ...they're trying to catch my ghost. It's getting harder and harder to escape because although I can go outside I can only get a few feet away from the building, and there's more and more iron on everything. For some reason it changes to if I can escape long enough they lose somehow. Then a car comes by and they pull Dean out all tied up and drop my body next to him. ...only for this scene his Darryl from The Office. (WHAT) Time is running out, and "Dean" realizes if someone kisses me my ghost will return to my body. He barely manages to (his bottom lip was all chapped and gross and I don't know why my dream made that a point) and I wake up and free him and the couple loses and I think get killed but I don't remember :(

Then we're in some rec-center-looking lobby discussing it. There's a notice on the door eluding to the fact that everyone in the building is actually dead and we didn't know it. But Dean and I think it's bullshit and cross the street to prove it. Then for some reason I'm like "ok we need to kiss" and I forget why he was hesitant but then when it was finally about to happen I remember part of my outside-the-plot-but-still-dreaming-mind thinking 'this would be one of those good to be continued moments' so RIGHT before we're about to kiss I woke up.


Date: 2010-12-22 06:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Dang! That was some dream! lol

Date: 2010-12-22 07:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
epic dream is epic :O

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