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I haven't talked to Ryan in a while... Although I haven't had many real-time chats with anyone lately. It's all twitter/LJ. Anyway we finally talked on googlechat.

I edited a bunch of stuff out. We had two or three conversations happening at the same time.

Ryan: I got free fried chicken today
I know a korean guy who owns a restaurant
and he invited us to free lunch

Me: mail it to me

Ryan: really?
I will

Me: oh well I got a free kitten
i win

Ryan: I"m totally mailing you a chicken now

Me: oh my god

Ryan: I"m sending this shit on monday

Me: i don't think you should mail poultry over international waters

Ryan: you're getting some chicken!
you better eat it too

Me: D:
you can't mail chicken

Ryan: watch me
I can and I will
it's really damn tasty, so you better eat it

Me: alright well I'd better get some chicken in the mail or I'll be pissed.

Ryan: you will

Me: That means you won't be able to eat it :(

Ryan: I'll buy extra
you're getting it

Me: I wish I had some money. I'd mail you some turkey or something.
I told my mom you're mailing me chicken

Ryan: and?
what did she say?

Me: she said it would be interesting to see if it makes it here

Ryan:the chicken will get there

Me: they probably have chicken sniffing dogs in customs

Ryan: I'll put it in a plastic bag

More on this story as it develops

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