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I just realized I posted this thing that happened everywhere but where it would make personal LJ. I'm too lazy to type it all up, so I'll just copy-paste it from a comment I made yesterday on ONTD

you guys I was waiting for the bus in eugene a few hours ago, and some ugly 18 year old walked up and started talking to me.. and I'm so bad with people I figured it would be a good time for me to try and talk back, so we were just talking about music and w/e...

I take this bus that goes more than an hour out of town to get home, and he takes one too that goes in a different direction but leaves from the same spot 20 minutes later and goes about an hour + to yet another town(junction city)...

anyway so he asks if I wanted to "kick it" sometime, and I'm like "ok..." and gave him my e-mail address knowing full well that if I got an e-mail from him I wouldn't answer it. I don't know how to be like "NO, JEEZ GO AWAY" and he seemed harmless enough

so then the driver came to my bus about 7 minute before it was going to leave, so I got my stuff together, and I was like "well I have to go" and he said "do you have a boyfriend?" and I was distracted by getting my stuff together and said I didn't. I don't but it's obviously an unwritten rule that if someone you barely know and aren't interested in asks if you have a bf, then you should lie your ass off so they'll lose interest and go away.

So like I said, I said no, and I get up, and he said Do you wanna make out? I like awkwardly said "no, I don't" and stared at the ground and got on the bus. and he's like "where's this bus going?" "mckenzie bridge" "oh that's where I'm headed too, I'll take this bus" ... even though like 5 minutes before he'd told me he takes that other bus that goes way the fuck in the opposite direction, and that he was waiting to take it home ಠ_ಠ

so he follows me onto the bus and sits in the seat in front of me... and then it hits me. Say I don't have a boyfriend because I have a girlfriend! Pretend to be a lesbian! So I told him I had a girlfriend named Lizzie and that she gets really jealous when she sees me talking to guys, and that she was going to be getting on my bus a few stops later. And then he says "so where's this bus going?" "mckenzie bridge" "oh, I think I'm supposed to take the other bus" I said well he'd better get off the bus because this one was leaving in a minute, and he's like 'ok'...

then the bus driver starts the bus and he's like "Hold on, driver, I'm getting off!!" so the driver stops, and the kid does that one arm hug, that I'm sitting there enduring... people in eugene are always too friendly like that. Then THIS FUCKER LEAVES IN AND FUCKING FULL ON KISSES ME AND EVEN TRIES TO STICK HIS TONGUE IN MY MOUTH. I didn't even know what to do, I was just thinking 'ok, he's going off the bus in a second, just wait for him to go away and this will all be over' I seriously don't know how to handle something like that. I should have screamed or decked him or SOMETHING, but I just stared at my lap willing him to vanish.

The bus driver is all annoyed and tells the kid to hurry up since he was pausing the bus for him, and he goes "nevermind, I'm staying on!!" (noooooooo!!) He's like "so how was that?" (WTF) and I said "Lizzie is gonna be so pissed" and he said "well then don't tell her." "wanna do it again?" and I said no, and that he should get off the bus because she was going to be getting on the bus a few stops from then. and I was panicking because I knew the further we got from town the harder it would be to get this fucker off the bus. and he kept asking if I wanted to make out >_< and I kept saying how mad Lizzie would be so mad and trying to get him to get off the bus without being mean or confrontational.

Then he pulls the cord and gets up and he's like "you sure, just one more?" and I said no, and he finally gets off the bus. and omg i felt just disgusted.

and I am so mad at myself for not handling it in a stronger way. I've been in situations with unwanted physical attention before, and that is always how I handle it. Just hope it goes away.

i got more and more sad and when I got home I had to get it out so I just posted something on FB -_- and two of my friends were making all these jokes "sweet!" "get some!" and liking the status, and I told them it wasn't funny, and to stop liking the status, and then they liked the comment ಠ_ಠ and I just got pissed and deleted it and went to sleep.


that's all.

omg and then when I woke up today and remembered a conversation I had with my friend yesterday... he said he was baking a cake for his dad's bday and I said "I WOULD SELL MY SOUL TO WATCH YOU BAKE A CAKE"...a phrase I've been afraid to use for weeks because I've been watching too much Supernatural, and I didn't want to accidentally make a deal with a crossroads demon. Then some random guy kisses me!! CROSSROADS DEMONS SEAL THE DEAL WITH A KISS. I mean ok I know that's ridiculous...but... that's a disturbing coincidence in my book

k i'm done

Date: 2010-09-21 09:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
holy fucking shit what the fuck
that sucks, i'm so sorry that guy was...fucking insane and you had to deal with it
i really don't know how i'd deal with such a situation - i'd like to think i'd be ~strong and self assured but in reality i just...don't know : (
i really can't believe your friends though lsdkfsdf what the actual fuck

...also i feel weird responding to like three of your entries at once but whatever YOU MADE THEM ALL WITHIN LIKE TWO MINUTES

Date: 2010-09-21 10:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
haha this is more posts than I make in like...two weeks

Date: 2010-09-22 12:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I can understand how you feel. On one hand, you wanted to make an effort to be more friendly and outgoing, but on the other hand, this guy turned out to be a total creep. I always say I have a boyfriend when someone like that asks me. The most annoying is when they're like "no you don't!"
If you see that asshole again, run the other way and/or pepper spray him.

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