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2011-05-30 06:32 pm

Another compelling list!

Things I'll eat right out of the container:

Strawberry Preserves
Nutella (who doesn't)
Crunchy Peanut Butter
Olive Tapenade
Cottage Cheese
Human Blood
Easy Cheese
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2011-05-24 09:50 pm

(no subject)

This is a very short partial list of words that I misspell every fucking time I type them.

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2011-05-10 07:49 am

oh my

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Sixth Level of Hell - The City of Dis!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Low
Level 2 (Lustful)High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Very High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Moderate
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Extreme
Level 7 (Violent)Very High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Very High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)High

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test
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2011-04-27 11:55 pm

(no subject)


Serious ADHD Likely!

Results of your
Attention Deficit Disorder Quiz
You scored a total of 92

It is highly likely that you are presently suffering from adult attention deficit disorder, according to your responses on this self-report questionnaire. You should not take this as a diagnosis of any sort, or a recommendation for treatment. However, it would be advisable and likely beneficial for you to seek further diagnosis from a trained mental health professional immediately.
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2011-01-29 05:28 am

National Kazoo Day

If I ever make a webcomic, this conversation will be the first strip.

Ryan: you ready for kazoo day?

Me: um no

Ryan: shit. it was yesterday!
fucking bullshit

Me: (quoting site) "Of course, kazoo players are not known to be perfectly precise, so feel free to celebrate National Kazoo Day on January 26, 27, or 29th if you so desire."

Ryan: yeah, but the 29th is nearly over!!! (it's already really late in Korea)
Where am I supposed to get a kazoo at this hour?!?
This day just went from average to fucking horrible.
Worst day of my life I"m pretty sure.

Me: ohmy god. "Where am I supposed to get a kazoo at this hour?!?" I laughed so hard at this I literally almost fainted
i didnt realize i wasnt taking in any air

edit: lol rage comic editor:
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2011-01-09 01:41 am

i couldn't make this less interesting if I tried, but

So part of my christmas gift from my mom was a note that said "IOU one Supernatural shirt" because she wanted to get one for me, but didn't want to get the wrong thing. Then money got iffy so she couldn't get it until now, but I was feeling guilty about getting a shirt that will end up being 30 dollars while I still need her to pay for my little Widget getting her lady parts closed for business. So I said something to her a weekish ago about that, if she wanted me to wait on the shirt until after Widget is 'fixed'. She said she had enough money for both so it was up to me.

Then a few days ago when I realized my LJ paid time was expiring soon I asked if I could give her the money to do it and she could pay with her credit card, but she said she wouldn't have room for even that (7 dollars) on her card.

Then today she was asking me if I'd decided about the shirt. I said I couldn't decide, but since she had money for both we might as well do both. Then she said she could only do one and I was all wut.

Then we realized that she was talking about renewing two months of my paid time vs the shirt, and I was talking about getting widget fixed vs the shirt o.O

anyhoo so now i have paid time until the day of my birthday (neat huh) and maybe we'll get the shirt next month :o

its not like I go out anyway.... hard to be an SPN geek out in public in you're only out twice a month.
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2010-12-31 04:38 pm

Dream a Little Dream of Me (wtf is my brain)

I had the wierdest god damn dreams last night. I sincerely doubt anyone will read/understand any of this but wtfever it's livejournal.

anyhoo so

the first was this bizarre drawn out thing involving Justin's old roommate and a bunch of miscellaneous people...and me staying with them with the three cats. I was uncomfortable and they didn't really need me there. My aunt had a room/apartment/dorm/idk something connected by a hallway, and she had plenty of room, but she wouldn't let me stay with her instead.

So I figured I needed to get me and the cats home, or wherever it was I was supposed to be, because they kept escaping and stuff...and my god damn aunt still wouldn't help me out, and there was another resident of the room/apartment/dorm/idk who was getting pissed at all the noise and kept saying she was going to file a complaint with the landlord.

anyway...some guy was going to help me move them back to where I was supposed to be, but he would only do it if he could turn them into a robot for the moving process(huh?) so we were doing that, and I guess it didn't work or something because the cats got out or whatever and jumped out of the car, and we couldn't get to them right away because he had to drive around one of those traffic island-lane separated-wtfever things. So we got the cats...and then things got all fuzzy.

Then it was me winning a contest for writing some sort of touching piece of writing for a girl named Ellie. But I didn't realize it at brother handed me a card, inside was a photo of Jared Padalecki doing the hug motion and a thank you note, but then he was actually there, and I was all OMGGG!! and freaking out. I was winning all kinds of random stuff. A huge variety of poorly made shoes from some country near Sweden(idk), a bunch of some chocolate from some really good company, and then I got to choose some posters from SPN. I was like "any of the ones with Misha on them" ...and then at some point Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris were there too... I think there were video games involved...I'm not sure whatever it was Dream Me had a good times.

Unfortunately my dreams didn't end there. :|

There was some confusing thing in between with Ryan and someone I was friends with when I was 18... I was trying to get away from someone that wanted to hurt/rape/kill me(it seemed to change)... it kept being different situations and people. at one point it was Zach... but I got away just in time on a bus that my mom was driving(idk) ...and idk what the fuck was going on but it more or less ended with me going back to Zach and I guess we were pretending whatever tense thing was happening earlier in the dream never happened.

The last dream was some strange complicated story about several children, lycanthropy, a very old house, nightfall, rain, and most of the kids end up killing eachother. Not out of malice, but because some of them were too taken over my the werewolf thing to control themselves, and they killed at least one, and then those that shifted that WERE in control had to kill to protect the ones that didn't change at all. It ended with the last two about to take refuge in a cellar for the rest of the night until it was safe again.

somewhere in one of those dreams was a baby that died very shortly after birth. im not sure where in there that happened. it was really fucking sad though. I'm not sure if it was my baby...

ok well
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2010-12-24 09:46 pm

please leave my HUSBAND alone

ok I doubt this will be has LOOOOL to anyone else, but I'm still posting it. so in wow when I get bored I'll run past people and do random emotes. there's stuff like /sniff, /lick, /slap, etc.

Someone was asking in the public chat about something, and right after they asked I saw them so I did the /lick

Rakash(in public chat) - anybody know where you can buy eggs?
Me(in public chat) - Just the AH((auction house)), bb
Me - (randomly runs by him, and another person /lick to him)
Rakash(to me) - BB?
Me(to Rakash) - oh sorry, 'baby' .... it's a chick thing XD
Lihana(to me) - please leave my HUSBAND alone
Rakash(to me) - I don't get it.
Me(to Lihana) - ne? (I meant it as in "what"?)
Me(to Rakash) - oh online girls always say it to eachother @_o;;
Lihana(to me) - (assuming I spelled me as ne I guess) yes you...Rakash and I are married...and not just in the world of warcraft
Rakash(to me) - you thought I was a chick?
Me(to Rakash) - D: well no, I'm just used to saying it.

and then I told him where to find eggs.

anyway yeah I thought it was funny as fuck and I can't stop laughing about it. especially the way she capitalized HUSBAND.

i seriously

i can't.
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2010-12-21 05:17 pm

Zzzzzzz ....Do I watch Supernatural too much?

I had a Supernatural dream... It was like an episode with its own plot and such. It was really scary and intense, but only because it was ME. Like it was a made up episode that was happening to me. There was a zombie epidemic very slowly growing. (I was watching Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid like RIGHT before I went to sleep.) It was one of those "government mistake" kind of zombie things, not "the dead have risen!" zombie things. So Sam and Dean are hurrying away, and suddenly Sam isn't really part of the story and Dean and I are seeking refuge and some shitty motel. Which is then actually a great hotel, Hammer of the Gods style. So Sam, Dean and I and maybe more random characters are arguing about what to do and no one is listening to me. I get more and more frustrated, and then I realize they can't hear or see me. Then I go "FEAR!! IT'S FEAR!!" (some part of me is obviously remembering the Fear Itself episode of Buffy)

At some point I stop thinking I'm having some sort of fear coming true and realize I'm actually a ghost.

I feel like some of this is out of order, but it turned out through some sort of confusing process this hindu couple (idk why) did something to make me into a ghost, while my body was passed out somewhere. I only had a certain amount of time before they were going to destroy my body and trap me as a ghost. I have no idea why they couldn't do it right away, or why exactly they did it in the first place.

So I keep trying to get Sam and Dean's attention, and nothing is working, but for some reason I can write on a pad of paper. And basically Dean and I have a conversation in writing. He doesn't tell Sam or anyone else that he knows what happened to me and I have no idea why. Our conversation is basically me first letting him know that I'm a ghost and then for some reason we're going on about how his heart is all broken and something about him one day loving me (lolwut)... and it starts to bother me that he hasn't told Sam, like he's somehow being selfish with the information and doesn't want to share. idk. But I decide to fuck with Sam and like blow on him and stuff and he's like "can you feel any cold spots?" Then he realizes he's dealing with a ghost, and since Dean hasn't said anything, before he can react Sam is attacking me with fire (...idk why fire is supposed to be a problem) then the damn dream gets all fuzzy for a bit

and the next thing I know I'm trying to escape that evil couple (the post hotel is now some sort of small-ish apartment complex. idk) ...they're trying to catch my ghost. It's getting harder and harder to escape because although I can go outside I can only get a few feet away from the building, and there's more and more iron on everything. For some reason it changes to if I can escape long enough they lose somehow. Then a car comes by and they pull Dean out all tied up and drop my body next to him. ...only for this scene his Darryl from The Office. (WHAT) Time is running out, and "Dean" realizes if someone kisses me my ghost will return to my body. He barely manages to (his bottom lip was all chapped and gross and I don't know why my dream made that a point) and I wake up and free him and the couple loses and I think get killed but I don't remember :(

Then we're in some rec-center-looking lobby discussing it. There's a notice on the door eluding to the fact that everyone in the building is actually dead and we didn't know it. But Dean and I think it's bullshit and cross the street to prove it. Then for some reason I'm like "ok we need to kiss" and I forget why he was hesitant but then when it was finally about to happen I remember part of my outside-the-plot-but-still-dreaming-mind thinking 'this would be one of those good to be continued moments' so RIGHT before we're about to kiss I woke up.

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2010-11-30 02:55 am

(no subject)

For some reason I was talking to my mom about various vampire lore in popular shows and whatnot. I was talking about the effects of sunlight and ways to kill vampires in Buffy, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and Supernatural.

She didn't know about the Twilight vampires sparkling in the sunlight. I just assumed she did, and I was laughing so much once I started telling her about it.
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2010-11-13 11:58 am

Transatlantic Chicken

I haven't talked to Ryan in a while... Although I haven't had many real-time chats with anyone lately. It's all twitter/LJ. Anyway we finally talked on googlechat.

I edited a bunch of stuff out. We had two or three conversations happening at the same time.

Ryan: I got free fried chicken today
I know a korean guy who owns a restaurant
and he invited us to free lunch

Me: mail it to me

Ryan: really?
I will

Me: oh well I got a free kitten
i win

Ryan: I"m totally mailing you a chicken now

Me: oh my god

Ryan: I"m sending this shit on monday

Me: i don't think you should mail poultry over international waters

Ryan: you're getting some chicken!
you better eat it too

Me: D:
you can't mail chicken

Ryan: watch me
I can and I will
it's really damn tasty, so you better eat it

Me: alright well I'd better get some chicken in the mail or I'll be pissed.

Ryan: you will

Me: That means you won't be able to eat it :(

Ryan: I'll buy extra
you're getting it

Me: I wish I had some money. I'd mail you some turkey or something.
I told my mom you're mailing me chicken

Ryan: and?
what did she say?

Me: she said it would be interesting to see if it makes it here

Ryan:the chicken will get there

Me: they probably have chicken sniffing dogs in customs

Ryan: I'll put it in a plastic bag

More on this story as it develops
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2010-11-10 09:32 pm

(no subject)

I just noticed my test-post was still on here. Haw.
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2010-11-07 06:01 am

(no subject)

I've gotten a little paranoid as of late and hacked off the names on my friendslist that I don't recognize. Which given my bad memory was about ten people.

Sorry. I'll miss you.

Not that I post more than two things a year I consider private enough to actually friends-lock. You're not missing anything anyway I'm sure. know. My secret plans.
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2010-10-30 08:30 am

(no subject)

...spoiler for this week's spn.

---lj cuts for for entries with more than three lines.

Now why did Cas pour Dean a drink in this week's SPN!? ENABLER.
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2010-10-20 03:03 pm

(no subject)

I went on GaiaOnline (shut up I like dressing up my avatar) and decided to read some of the posts about today; SPIRIT DAY.

There were many positive things said, but these just made me so angry.

click )

I just gave up at that point, it was really starting to upset me. I don't know the ages of those people, but I do know that Gaia has alot of teenagers, and the idea that these kids are already feeling this way makes me so fucking sad.

It's not about celebrating suicide, guys. It's not about excluding other groups of people. Wearing pink ribbons to support breast cancer research doesn't mean people don't care about every other kind of cancer, it's just support for a particular issue.
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2010-10-05 08:24 pm

(no subject)

Hi. What are you wearing?
still waiting
ok you don't have to tell me
i need to tell me if I should read, write, or sit here at the computer doing nothing
tell me what to do, damnit


to quote my earlier message: "i need to tell me if I should read, write, or sit here at the computer doing nothing"

on the toilet


I don't think I like the new facebook chat

me either
i already sent a complaint
It's going to be harder to copy our conversations and paste them on livejournal



those are the funniest things I've said to you?

there's also "Ryan goes insane" "more advice from Ryan" "solid advice" and one that has no title
sometimes I find an exchange amusing and copy it
but i dont always remember :(:(
Sometimes I find you sort of bizarre and fascinating
=[ am i weird

I'll try to think of more funny things to say

Don't do that.

The other night I had a dream that I was drinking out of a garden hose, but I was in a bedroom and then I cut the hose open and it was dirty inside
We must liberate Taiwan!

that time you told me you have a dream that you had a really nice umbrella... I thought that was really really funny

I have to go in a couple minutes. I'm gonna eat some soybean paste soup.
That was such a good dream
I wish I had that umbrella

I like my umbrella though
however I really want the samurai sword one
they had it in China, but I thought it would be a pain to bring on the plane.
I got stopped for my gun as it was. I probably would have gone to jail for having a fake sword too.
I ordered some things that attach to your shoes so you can run on ice

You see, just be natural. it is your innate Ryan-ness that I love.
uh not LOVE love

that part that's bold and italicized is my favorite

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2010-09-29 10:27 pm

A conversation with my fake Facebook fiance`

So this was interesting...


Story time.




So, I was taking a poop...


Sorry, this is the real story. My Nana talks to her dog by saying things like, "Can you do singers?" indicating she wants the dog to sing. She adds -ers to the end of regular words.
So, I was on my way home, waiting in traffic, and I thought about how upset people get when they are waiting in traffic.
I then said to myself, parodying my Nana, "Does John wanna do killers?"
I rate that story as 3 out of 10. But, I have a story that is easily 10 out of 10.


A classmate told me this story. Her nephew is mentally delayed with some version of palsy.

I can tell this will be funny.
Palsy is funny...
ok go on :p:p

Palsy is very funny. Okay, his mom normally leaves him with a sitter, but she left the house early this one day.
So, the nephew calls up his mom and excitedly tells her that he caught a gnome.
His mom doesn't understand and questions him, but he keeps saying that he captured a gnome and put it in his closet.
His mom asks where the sitter is, he says she left, so his mom hurries on home.
The gnome was a Jehovah's Witness. A MIDGET Jehovah's Witness!

oh my god



The 'tard kidnapped a midget! One who believes in Jehovah!

That's just AMAZING.
and he called it a gnome
is it ok that im laughing at this

If it's wrong, then I'm wrong for laughing. I think it's hilarious!

You shouldn't say tard though o_O;

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2010-09-21 02:35 pm

(no subject)

I just realized I posted this thing that happened everywhere but where it would make personal LJ. I'm too lazy to type it all up, so I'll just copy-paste it from a comment I made yesterday on ONTD

you guys I was waiting for the bus in eugene a few hours ago, and some ugly 18 year old walked up and started talking to me.. and I'm so bad with people I figured it would be a good time for me to try and talk back, so we were just talking about music and w/e...

I take this bus that goes more than an hour out of town to get home, and he takes one too that goes in a different direction but leaves from the same spot 20 minutes later and goes about an hour + to yet another town(junction city)...

anyway so he asks if I wanted to "kick it" sometime, and I'm like "ok..." and gave him my e-mail address knowing full well that if I got an e-mail from him I wouldn't answer it. I don't know how to be like "NO, JEEZ GO AWAY" and he seemed harmless enough

so then the driver came to my bus about 7 minute before it was going to leave, so I got my stuff together, and I was like "well I have to go" and he said "do you have a boyfriend?" and I was distracted by getting my stuff together and said I didn't. I don't but it's obviously an unwritten rule that if someone you barely know and aren't interested in asks if you have a bf, then you should lie your ass off so they'll lose interest and go away.

So like I said, I said no, and I get up, and he said Do you wanna make out? I like awkwardly said "no, I don't" and stared at the ground and got on the bus. and he's like "where's this bus going?" "mckenzie bridge" "oh that's where I'm headed too, I'll take this bus" ... even though like 5 minutes before he'd told me he takes that other bus that goes way the fuck in the opposite direction, and that he was waiting to take it home ಠ_ಠ

so he follows me onto the bus and sits in the seat in front of me... and then it hits me. Say I don't have a boyfriend because I have a girlfriend! Pretend to be a lesbian! So I told him I had a girlfriend named Lizzie and that she gets really jealous when she sees me talking to guys, and that she was going to be getting on my bus a few stops later. And then he says "so where's this bus going?" "mckenzie bridge" "oh, I think I'm supposed to take the other bus" I said well he'd better get off the bus because this one was leaving in a minute, and he's like 'ok'...

then the bus driver starts the bus and he's like "Hold on, driver, I'm getting off!!" so the driver stops, and the kid does that one arm hug, that I'm sitting there enduring... people in eugene are always too friendly like that. Then THIS FUCKER LEAVES IN AND FUCKING FULL ON KISSES ME AND EVEN TRIES TO STICK HIS TONGUE IN MY MOUTH. I didn't even know what to do, I was just thinking 'ok, he's going off the bus in a second, just wait for him to go away and this will all be over' I seriously don't know how to handle something like that. I should have screamed or decked him or SOMETHING, but I just stared at my lap willing him to vanish.

The bus driver is all annoyed and tells the kid to hurry up since he was pausing the bus for him, and he goes "nevermind, I'm staying on!!" (noooooooo!!) He's like "so how was that?" (WTF) and I said "Lizzie is gonna be so pissed" and he said "well then don't tell her." "wanna do it again?" and I said no, and that he should get off the bus because she was going to be getting on the bus a few stops from then. and I was panicking because I knew the further we got from town the harder it would be to get this fucker off the bus. and he kept asking if I wanted to make out >_< and I kept saying how mad Lizzie would be so mad and trying to get him to get off the bus without being mean or confrontational.

Then he pulls the cord and gets up and he's like "you sure, just one more?" and I said no, and he finally gets off the bus. and omg i felt just disgusted.

and I am so mad at myself for not handling it in a stronger way. I've been in situations with unwanted physical attention before, and that is always how I handle it. Just hope it goes away.

i got more and more sad and when I got home I had to get it out so I just posted something on FB -_- and two of my friends were making all these jokes "sweet!" "get some!" and liking the status, and I told them it wasn't funny, and to stop liking the status, and then they liked the comment ಠ_ಠ and I just got pissed and deleted it and went to sleep.


that's all.

omg and then when I woke up today and remembered a conversation I had with my friend yesterday... he said he was baking a cake for his dad's bday and I said "I WOULD SELL MY SOUL TO WATCH YOU BAKE A CAKE"...a phrase I've been afraid to use for weeks because I've been watching too much Supernatural, and I didn't want to accidentally make a deal with a crossroads demon. Then some random guy kisses me!! CROSSROADS DEMONS SEAL THE DEAL WITH A KISS. I mean ok I know that's ridiculous...but... that's a disturbing coincidence in my book

k i'm done
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2010-09-21 02:11 pm

(no subject)

Good lord, I don't remember making that post last night! WHAT THE HELL!? Must have been on ambien.. although it's not riddled with typos and all 'dja lgk ,le meoqw' haha...and I could swear I was only up for MAYBE 10 minutes after I took it. oh w/e and least nothing horrible happened.

:P one of my friends on FB asked how much I was paying. WHAT A WANG.
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2010-09-13 11:36 pm

more things I found amusing

I'm aware that things that amuse me don't amuse other people.


hey Ryan

It's a great day


sorry. my kids came in and wouldn't stop bothering me.
they're running up and down the hall right now.
very obnoxious.

awww you'll make a great father some day
do you want to have kids??

maybe someday
I have enough right now though
and I don't have to feed them or anything

[30 min later]

Candles! How many candles are there?
There are eighteen candles.
Nine for me!
And nine for me!

hey Ryan
did you hit your head??

It's what we were reading just now
imagine reading those 4 lines for about 20 minutes and that is my job.
the kids get older later in the day and there is less of that though