Oct. 5th, 2010

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Hi. What are you wearing?
still waiting
ok you don't have to tell me
i need to tell me if I should read, write, or sit here at the computer doing nothing
tell me what to do, damnit


to quote my earlier message: "i need to tell me if I should read, write, or sit here at the computer doing nothing"

on the toilet


I don't think I like the new facebook chat

me either
i already sent a complaint
It's going to be harder to copy our conversations and paste them on livejournal



those are the funniest things I've said to you?

there's also "Ryan goes insane" "more advice from Ryan" "solid advice" and one that has no title
sometimes I find an exchange amusing and copy it
but i dont always remember :(:(
Sometimes I find you sort of bizarre and fascinating
=[ am i weird

I'll try to think of more funny things to say

Don't do that.

The other night I had a dream that I was drinking out of a garden hose, but I was in a bedroom and then I cut the hose open and it was dirty inside
We must liberate Taiwan!

that time you told me you have a dream that you had a really nice umbrella... I thought that was really really funny

I have to go in a couple minutes. I'm gonna eat some soybean paste soup.
That was such a good dream
I wish I had that umbrella

I like my umbrella though
however I really want the samurai sword one
they had it in China, but I thought it would be a pain to bring on the plane.
I got stopped for my gun as it was. I probably would have gone to jail for having a fake sword too.
I ordered some things that attach to your shoes so you can run on ice

You see, just be natural. it is your innate Ryan-ness that I love.
uh not LOVE love

that part that's bold and italicized is my favorite

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