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Are you in here because I said something you disagree with on ONTD and want to look at my interests to see if there's something you can throw back at me?

Don't be so tacky.

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24, a chipmunk adventure, abhorsen, ai yazawa, ambien, angel, angels, anime, apocalyptica, art, being a minion, blue sky natural soda, boondock saints, buffy, carly pope, castiel, cats, clouds, coincidences, dean winchester, demons, deviantart, drawing, dreaming about supernatural, effexor, elegant gothic lolita, enochian, eugene, evanescence, facebook statuses about supernatural, fashion, fashion design, final fantasy 6, fire study, fluxx, fonts, fruits, fuck canada, fushigi yuugi, goddesses, gods, graphic design, greece, greek script, hal sparks, hello kitty, henry rollins, his dark materials, ian somerhalder, infinite improbability drive, jack bauer, jack fucking bauer, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, kiefer sutherland, kitties, linkin park, lirael, lunchables, magic, magic study, magick, magik, majik, majyk, manga, mean girls, mean girls quotes, minions of misha, misha collins, misha misha misha, misha motherfucking collins, newsradio, nina dobrev, painting, paradise kiss, pc load letter, peach girl, poison study, pringles, rena sofer, sailor moon, sam winchester, sanskrit, sedatives, seroquel, sims, sims 2, sims 3, slayers, sleeping, spells, spotting cliches, supernatural, supreme overlord misha collins, talking about supernatural, the amber spyglass, the golden compass, the portable confessional, the sims, the sims 2, the sims 3, the study series, the subtle knife, tokyo street style, trance, tweeting about supernatural, twitter, vampire diaries, veronica mars, watching supernatural, wigs, wishing, within temptation, world of warcraft, wow, writing, zoltan!
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